HDU Rooms

The artwork has been placed in each of the 6 high dependency cubicles in ward 33a in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, with each room having a different image. Isaac is a patient on the ward and his mum Vanessa said, “The artwork makes you forget there isn’t a window and gives you something to focus on other than hospital equipment”.

The main specialties that make use of the HDU beds are neurosurgery, trauma, burns and spinal. The calming, peaceful wall art is important for recovery as the patient receives specialist care from the nurses and consultants.

Sarah Shinn is the ward sister and said, “Being in hospital can be a frightening time for children and their families. We want people to feel calm and safe when on the ward and the new artwork helps us achieve that by making the environment less clinical. The pictures have only been up a few weeks but already I can see what a difference it has made, not just to patients and their families but also to staff. We are grateful to Time Is Precious for making a difference to our ward”