Ben’s Gift

We can help with equipment at home.

Very often, rehabilitation takes place at home. After lots of research, the NHS is always the first port of call for mobility equipment as they can supply the basic equipment needed. However, sometimes individuals need more complex items.

Time is Precious aim to help as many children as possible who may need extra equipment not supplied by the NHS at home. This could also include sensory equipment and specialised devices such as Eye Gaze Communication. Every child is unique and will need different equipment to suit them. We aim to support children within the remits of the hospitals we support, working alongside hospital staff, to ensure the needs of the child is met correctly.

Zach using his Eyegaze


Children that will benefit are those that are disabled or have additional needs. This may be due to being born with a condition, due to an illness or even an accident. We have seen the benefits that the equipment we have purchased over the years for hospitals, has had and have helped so many children.  Whether it is to: calm, distract, help to improve brain sensory information, hand eye co-ordination, stimulation, walk, talk, move, sit etc.


Preferably we like the parent/ guardian to apply. However, in some circumstances we understand this is not possible. Therefore, any professional including teachers, health visitors, therapists or in some cases it maybe another family member or friend. (Although we will need parent/ guardian permission/ signature).

At present we support children within the Bath, Bristol area. Including: Somerset, Wiltshire. However we would consider other areas.

To view more information and Terms and Conditions, please download your application form here

Email your interest to

Phone us on 01373 813457

Children we have helped

Name: Mason

Age: 5

Funded: Electric Wheelchair

Condition: MPS 1 Syndrom

The electric wheelchair has given Mason the independence any child deserves. His condition will only worsen, so having this chair will help improve his quality of life. His mum said “We are unsure how long we have Mason, but would like to make as many memories as possible with him, this chair will certainly help us do this”. The electric wheelchair, will give the freedom he warrants.

Thank you to Bottomline technology for sponsoring Masons Chair.

Name: Jacob


Funded: P.Pod chair

Condition: Muscular Dystrophy/ Leukodystrophy/ Osteogenesis/ PEG

Jacob loves playing with his toys, doing arts & crafts and reading. The P Pod has given him the chance to do what he loves doing the most in comfort and with the support he needs. This supported indoor seating can be used for a prolonged time. It will also help his posture and alleviate pressure sores.

Name: Logan

Age: 8

Funded :

Mobile Sensory Unit

Condition:  Severe Spastic 

Logan is unable to access any form of entertainment independently. He very much enjoys having non-invasive entertainment e.g. projection, lighting effects, visual & audio equipment He also finds day to day life quite tiring, therefore spends a large portion of his time in bed or in very reclined positions, having his own sensory voyager at home helps him to have a great balance between stimulation & relaxation. Logan has spent large amounts of time in hospital followed by long periods of recuperation at home, this equipment would give him a much wider range of entertainment than he has currently & it would give him a lot of pleasure.



Another service we will be offering is to children that have life threatening conditions such as: Cancer, Leukaemia, Kidney Failure, Heart problems etc, that find themselves regularly in & out of hospital. We can offer these children smaller items that can be taken in & out of hospital to keep them amused, items such as portable DVD players (we had one for Ben & it was invaluable) and portable game consoles etc.