Bath College continued support


Thank you to Bath College for their on going support for TIP.

Well done to childcare students who did a great job raising money for Time is Precious during RAG Week (Raising and Giving Week) #BathCollege #Fundraising


Freddie’s run inspired by love for dear Grandad


Well done to nine-year-old Freddie, who has recently completed a 7.5 mile run in memory of his grandad, and raising £110 for Time is Precious.
Freddie’s mum explains: “Freddie joined Westfield Running Club in April 2016 after his Gramp, Maurice Hoile, who was a popular sporting character in the Midsomer Norton and Radstock area, spotted an advert for ‘Marathon Man’ John Reynolds, who was starting up a club.
“My husband, Ian, and Freddie joined the beginners class in April, and over the next six months, were regular members on a Wednesday night. As the darker nights approached, we felt it a little dangerous for Freddie, and he turned his attention to John’s Saturday afternoon hill reps club; becoming a popular little member and really enjoying challenging John to a battle to the top of the hill first!
“In November 2016, Freddie’s Grampy sadly passed away after a short illness, but Freddie vowed to run over seven miles in 2017 in his memory.
“On a cold January day, Freddie, along with his Dad, joined some of the Time is Precious Bath Half Marathon runners on a 7½ mile training run with a tough course set up by John Reynolds. Unfazed by the length, Freddie joined a small group of adults and at times, led the run, keeping up the pace and running all the way and even managed a sprint finish!
“Freddie’s Gran was so impressed and touched, watching this and knowing how proud her husband would have been, that she felt that this was Freddie’s ‘half marathon’ and gave him some sponsor money to start him off.
“Freddie wanted to try and raise £50 for Time is Precious, but was overjoyed with his final amount of £110. We are all really proud of him and feel this is a fantastic achievement for him at only nine-years-old.”

story by Leah Smith MSN Journal

U3A supports Time is Precious


Annual General Meetings are, by their very nature, sometimes quite boring. Not so at the Norton and Radstock U3A AGM, which was held recently at the Somer Centre.
The hall was packed with members and not an empty chair in sight. The meeting kicked off with Nicky Halford receiving a cheque for over £3,500 in respect of the local charity, Time is Precious.

The remainder of the meeting passed as AGMs do with a number of reports, election of officers and various administrative items. These were dealt with as quickly as possible, so that members were able to get onto the serious business of socialising and tea tasting.
Next year will see Norton and Radstock U3A’s twentieth anniversary, with plenty of celebratory events being planned. The U3A hold two meetings per month in the Somer Centre – a speaker meeting on the second Monday and a coffee morning on the fourth Monday. With a total of some 36 groups covering topics as varied as Art, Drama, Rambling, Psychology, Spanish, Local History and Table Tennis, to name but a few, there is something for everyone. If you would like to know more about U3A, please telephone: 01761 479606 for further details.

Thank you to the group for such an amazing donation!

Frome Poker Club


Massive thank you to Frome Poker Club who chose TIP for their charity of the year and raised an amazing £1300.



Our amazing patron John Reynolds, who completed a record-breaking fifteen back-to-back half marathons beginning last Thursday evening from Glastonbury Tor. He reachedBath Abbey at 9.34 a.m. on Sunday morning, with just ten minutes’ sleep and over 200 miles under his feet. He arrived to a hero’s welcome for the team photograph at the runners’ village before taking part in the Bath Half himself, helping to get the runners he had trained around the course, encouraging them every step of the way.
By Tuesday of last week, John’s epic run looked to be in doubt – after months of planning, the seizures he suffers from in his legs, due to the waste product from radiotherapy, were becoming the most problematic they have been for some time. Miraculously, John was ready to go on Thursday evening, followed by local camera crews who documented the start of his challenge from the Tor.
“All through the area, Bristol and Bath, people were recognising me wherever I went – shouting out and blowing horns, wanting to know how I was getting on. It fuels you up and gives you one heck of a boost, but you need that to make up for the minutes you’ve lost talking about it! But it’s more of a good thing than a bad thing.
“So many people this year were shouting out for me in the crowd at the Bath Half – I spoke to so many of them.
“One lady I met in Dundry turned up at the Castle of Comfort where she knew I would be having a brief break and refuel. She left some money on the table for Time is Precious. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it was £100. Another had put out flags and bunting outside her home in Stratton-on-the-Fosse, which I’d be going through at about 4 a.m. on both days. She had put out a bag of goodies for me – and on the second night, I had found a pen and some paper to write a thank you note. As I put the note in, there was a tapping on the window – she’d been looking out for me and gave me a wave. I met her again at the Bath Half – so many people that were complete strangers are now like old friends.
“I had an incredible support crew who were even waiting for me at around 3.15 a.m. outside the White Post in Midsomer Norton with bacon butties and coffee. With all that eating, I still managed to lose half a stone during the challenge. (John had to consume around 20,000 calories).
“Restaurants were giving us free food along the route – I had bangers and mash on the suspension bridge!
“I also managed a Radio Somerset interview whilst running up Dunkerton Hill and spoke to Ali Vowles from Radio Bristol, too – there was such an amazing amount of support.
“At one point, I thought my phone had converted to morse code, because of all of the pinging it was doing – I could not read or respond to messages as time was so tight, but I am going through every single one of them now – I have around 650 emails to get through!”
John’s sheer determination is remarkable. Having had to retrain himself to walk again after treatment for a thyroid condition and having had serious heart issues, his love of running has quite literally kept him alive. But when faced wtih 200 miles to run, does he ever feel like giving up?
He says: “On the Sunday morning I just couldn’t get any speed up, fatigue had set in and in the early hours it had absolutely poured it down, so I was cold and wet. It was a really hard challenge and I was pushing it to the limit.
“But part of the reason I was doing it was to inspire the other runners and to take their mind off of their own challenge – to show them it could be done. And the faces and the smiles of everyone in the Time is Precious marquee on Sunday made it for me.
Everyone really went for it on the second lap of the Bath Half, and seeing and being part of their sense of achievement is the best feeling in the world.”



Just wanted to announce: Time Is Precious did not win anything at the Charity video awards with the 2015 Christmas Video.  However a huge thank you to everyone who voted to get us through  to the final! congratulations to St Johns Ambulance who won overall.




Special Seating Making a Difference!


Time is Precious have funded two specialist seats for Bristol Children’s Physio Department costing over £ 3500.

The specialist seating is hugely helpful for children who have had  brain injuries or are unwell following cancer/tumor removal. It can take time for them to build up the strength and muscle control to sit out of bed. It is also important for helping children to clear their chests.

Specialist seating has additional supports to help the child sit upright safely so that they can interact with family and play. A chair on wheels means  they can move out of the bed space and off the ward once they are a more medically well.

 Specialist Seating is very expensive but thanks to everyone who supports T.I.P, we can purchase these essential pieces of equipment and really make a difference.


Leela & Jess


Two 9 year old girls raise £120 by selling things they use. The girls done it off their own back with no help from a adult. Thank you girls

Shaun Burton Transport


We can confirm that for the 2nd year running Shaun Burton Transport will be our sponsor for the 2017 Bath Half Marathon.