The SENse

The SENse
This amazing unit we have purchased is in the Paediatric emergency department at RUH Hospital.

The Senior Sister in the Department said:
“I do not have the words to describe how utterly fantastic this is!
The children love it, as do all the adults, young and old.


Children of all ages can not resist is because it is so responsive. I can’t tell you how delighted we are with it. We have not switched it off since the minute it arrived.
The nurses…. not a single nurse can walk near it without interacting with it and having a giggle. That sends us on our way a little bit refreshed, with a smile on our face.

I love it because it helps us assess so many things about children… their coordination (which we have to assess after a bang to the head) and whether they can weight bear on their legs… parents have been amazed how quickly their children seem to be feeling better once they arrive in our Department.
We even used it to calm an adult with profound special needs the other day.

It is so versatile.
I wish I could have sat you near the machine last Saturday night, to quietly watch just how wonderful we all think this irresistible machine is”

The SENse offers floor or ceiling projection that responds to body movement when it is detected by the overhead camera. It costs £7,000.

Interactive screen

Pleased to introduce our new piece of equipment for the Children’s ward in the RUH. This is an interactive multi-touch screen with the added benefit of powered height adjustability enabling use by children of all ages, including wheelchair users.

Had a lovely message from a parent this morning:

Henry really enjoyed this whilst waiting for his anaesthetic and MRI this morning. Your organisation is fantastic and we were so grateful to use lots of the toys and DVDs you have donated to the ward when Henry was an inpatient for 16 days back in Feb. Thank you

Sense mini projectors